Saturday, October 31, 2009

Host an Event or Gathering

If you cannot join us in Melbourne, you might consider hosting a local event, circle or gathering on the same day or during the same week as the Parliament. It is a way to add your energy and intentions to this global exploration of women's leadership and the Sacred Feminine.

Your gathering could be a simple circle with just a few women at your home ... or a celebration of the Sacred Feminine with dance, song and poetry to mirror our event... or an opportunity to gather women of diverse faith traditions in your community... or a group of women walking in nature. No matter what you feel called to do, you will be contributing to the resonant field of feminine spiritual unity.

You can list your event on an online calendar at .

Some women have reported they feel called to create a local event similar to ours. The guidelines for A CREATIVE EXPLORATION OF THE SACRED FEMININE are simple and organic:

~Broadcast an invitation though your networks and mailing lists inviting women from your area to contribute a song, dance, poem or other short artistic performamce honoring the sacred feminine from their faith tradition. Reach out to various faith communties in your area to invite participation. Hold the intention to attract women from diverse spiritual traditions and to create a expression of unity.
~Choose a date, time and location that will be inviting and accessible to a wide range of women.
~As you promote the event, invite women to bring images, icons and sacred objects representing the Sacred Feminine from their faith tradition.
~Set up the room with an altar where women can place their icons and objects. Images of the Sacred Feminine from various faith traditions can be hung around the room.
~Have some guidelines for performance: stay away from ritual; define a time limit; screen for appropriate and safe content.
~Come together with some words of introduction about the Parliament and the event in Melbourne. This site is a good source. Clearly establish the local/ global connection.
~Gather standing in a large circle. Use circle principles to have every woman present put her name into the circle and possibly a brief sharing (could be one word if it is a large group or a sentence about her spiritual tradition).
~Enjoy the creative exploration of the Sacred Feminine!
~End with a standing circle again and a final word of sharing.
~Close by announcing any future gatherings. Do you want to create an on-going Women's Spirit Circle to meet monthly at a regular time?

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