Sunday, December 20, 2009

Another Report from the Parliament

Parliament report from Meredith Tenney, Monday December 7:

Hello All;

For the love of Mother, we came to Melbourne and the Parliament of World Religions to raise awareness of the Sacred Feminine. For the love of Mother, hundreds of women and men around the world helped to hold the intention to uplift her at the Parliament and the end result surpasses my highest hopes.

Kathe, Anne and I hosted 'A Creative Expression of the Sacred Feminine' on Friday evening, December 4th. The event was well attended. The program included:

~Valarie Kaur speaking from the Sikh tradition
~Cath Conolly played the Celtic harp honoring the Celtic goddess, Brigid
~Ariella Shira Lewis offering Jewish blessings to Shekinah
~Ninie Syarkin giving readings from the Islamic tradition
~Francyl Gawryn, vocalist, and Cristina Seaborn, violinist (from St. Cloud, remember?!) honoring the Universe Mother Spirit from Urantia
~Pam McCulkin honoring Mary, the mother of Christ from the Catholic faith

Audrey Kitagawa was present to offer readings honoring Kuan Yin from the Buddhist tradition but was called away due to time constraints.

The program ended with Faith Rivera of the Agape International Choir leading the group in singing:

'We all come from the Mother
and to Her we must return,
like a drop of rain,
flowing to the ocean.'

How heart satisfying it was! The most poignant moment of the event was watching the 8 women greeters who lined up outside the door of the event, beaming love and offering welcome to everyone. Each held a beautiful poster sized image of the feminine face of deity: Green Tara, Mary and Child, Lakshmi, Kuan Yin, the Black Madonna, Durga, Kali, the Virgen de Guadalupe and Saraswati. The women's glowing faces shown above the pictures with such warmth that it was easy to see Mother reflected in their faces above the images just as clearly as in the religious pictures below. Entering the hall was like taking a wonderful stroll with Mother through her garden.

The big news, however, is that we have played only a small part in the tidal wave of recognition of the Sacred Feminine that is breaking over the Parliament. Sister Joan Chittister's panel on the Divine Feminine was standing room only. She spoke so articulately of the need for the restoration of the Divine Feminine that when she offered a question and answer session later that afternoon, 500 people showed up and they had to move her to an auditorium.

Men and women have been equally supportive. Yesterday, when an all male panel on 'Global Spiritual Leadership' convened, attendees were in such an uproar about the absence of women on the panel, that the issue effectively monopolized the entire presentation. The standing joke around here is that 'Born Again Pagan' T shirts should be sold in the halls of the Parliament because that's what everyone will be by the end of the session!

I attribute this miraculous awakening of appreciation for the Sacred Feminine to all of you who have prayed and held the space for Mother to rise here. Please know your time, prayers, and intentions have not been in vain, but in fact have precipitated more progress than I hoped to see in many years.

Anne, Kathe and I were indeed blessed to have had the opportunity to participate in the event and we are sincerely grateful for the support all of you have offered. May this be just the beginning of what we can all accomplish together for the love of Mother!

In Her grace,

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Parliament Report ~ Teleconference Saturday December 19

Join us Saturday, December 19 for a conference call to hear highlights from the Parliament of the World's Religions. Kathe Schaaf and Anne Fitzgerald will give brief reports on their experiences at the Parliament and there will be some time for questions. This call has been set up by Barbara Belknap and the Gather the Women Regional Coordinators.

Saturday, December 19
9:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time

Call in number: 218-936-7999
Access code is 114614.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Report from the Parliament: The Feminine is Rising!

A report from Kathe:

Three days into the Parliament of the World's Religions ... and I am happy to report that the Sacred Feminine is rising at this Parliament in the most spectacular ways. Here is a quick peek at some of the highlights in the past days:

~Our event on Friday afternoon 'A Creative Exploration of the Sacred Feminine' was a wonderful gathering. We had been assigned one of the larger breakout rooms at the Convention Center, and as people approached our space, they were welcomed by a semi-circle of wonderful volunteers holding large color posters of the Sacred Feminine from many faith traditions. (Special thanks to China Galland who shared with us beautiful high resolution images that we could have printed here in Melbourne.) Other volunteers handed out poems honoring Mother from many traditions. As soft music played and the images flowed on the large screen in the front, our room filled with more than 125 women and men. After tuning in with all of you in a Global Moment of Connection, we were blessed by offerings of poems, songs, music and dance from diverse traditions including Celtic, Sihk, Urantia, Muslim, Jewish and Catholic. It was sacred space.

~The next morning featured a panel on The Divine Feminine where women from various traditions -- Pagan, Catholic, Hindu and Buddist -- spoke to room packed with passionate delegates and a large crowd stood in the open doorway. Phyllis Courot spoke about how when she had offered a workshop on the Sacred Feminine at the Parliament in 1993, she had difficulty finding anyone who would join her panel and very few attended. She observed that things certainly seem to have changed with this Parliament and the Feminine was clearly rising! Sister Joan Chittister spoke in her usual clear and strong voice about imperative to bring gender balance to our view of God and to our world. She stressed our humanity is 'seeing with one eye, hearing with one ear, thinking with one half of our brain... and it shows.' The response was loud and loving.

~Next I attended a session called 'Men Who Love the Goddess' and listened deeply as four articulate and intelligent men described how they know and love the Sacred Feminine.

~Later that afternoon, Sister Joan was scheduled for a small open space event, an intimate opportunity for conversation with her. The room quickly filled with over 100 people and hundreds more crowded the hall outside. The staff scrambled to move us into one of the large ballrooms which was filled with more than 500 people as Joan began to take questions. The first question came from a Greek Orthodox bishop dressed in black robes: Please help me understand: What can men do to help heal this imbalance and bring an end to patriarchy? The whole room exhaled and Joan lovingly asked all the men in the room to raise their hands. It brought me to tears to look around and see that more than 1/3 of of the group was men opening their hearts and joining fully in this passionate moment.

A delegate sitting next to me said "Sister Joan is clearly the rock star of this Parliament." (The good news is that this humble, honest and very effective woman of Spirit is on her way to Copenhagen tomorrow!)

And I think the real rock star of this Parliament is the Sacred Feminine who is here with joy and grace and an incredible Divine Plan.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

We're here!

We are here in Melbourne and getting ready for the opening of the Parliament later today.

If you need to reach us, you can call our global cell phone (using a U.S. number -- just dial it as you normally would):